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Build Empathy. Create Impact.

Why Empathy?

Emotional Intelligence is critical to success in our personal and professional lives.  Whether we want to lead, collaborate more effectively, or drive change, it first begins with our capacity to make space for and understand people.  Empathy is a skill—it helps us build an understanding of our experience in relation to others.

Who We Are

We are focused on impact.   We believe that empathy is the key — to building diverse and inclusive spaces within organizations as well as a culture of trust.  More professionals are signaling that they want to work for organizations with leaders that care and are motivated to grow as empathetic leaders. Em|PACT Strategies is a social change firm providing practical insights for building better habits that foster more empathetic and inclusive communities.

What We Do

At the core of our work are a focus on building stronger communities and building better habits.  We will help professionals be more active every day building empathetic and inclusive spaces within their workplace and community.  Whatever your goals as a company, we want to help everyone in your organization own the solution for improving company culture, and develop personally and professionally in the process.

Corey is a man of many talents with a varied professional background that allows him both the exposure and the stature to be able to lead, guide and inspire on the topic. He’s fair and navigates his way around the topic of Allyship in a very genuine manner...Corey would bring his passion for connecting people as an asset to any institution looking to bring its workforce together.

Marjorie Etter, Fitbit

Corey has an innate sense of engaging with the audience with the way he speaks. He commands the room in an authentic way that captivates. In addition, his insights and the content he brings are timely - we need more of this kind of insights that create a deeper impact. 

Tet Salva, MomWarrior™

 Corey is able to connect on a personal level with his audience. He is approachable and responsive to his audience’s needs. It is clear from his talk that he is, in fact, modeling the very behaviors he trains: empathy and impact. His ideas on how to use empathy to ally across differences are fresh, thoughtful and practical. 

Aasha M. Abdill, PhD, Bridging Research, Practice, and Communities



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