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Diversity and inclusion should be core to any organizations long-term success strategy.

of employees

more likely to believe they work for high performing organizations when they perceive these organizations are committed to and supportive of diversity.

(Deloitte, 2013)


is the cost of discrimination against women, LGBT+, and differently-abled people in the U.S.


(Stephen Frost, "The Inclusion Imperative", 2014)


active & passive job seekers

say a diverse workforce was a key factor in evaluating companies and job offers.


 (Glassdoor, 2014)

of employees

say their companies could be doing more [on diversity].


(Glassdoor, 2014)

How do companies and individuals promote and foster inclusion when we are divided on our perceptions of experiences of traditionally underrepresented groups?

With Empathy.



of whites

of blacks

perceive that blacks are treated less fairly than whites in the workplace.  

(Pew, 2016)



of men

of women

believe the country hasn't gone far enough when it comes to giving women equal rights to men.

(Pew, 2016)

Our Value Add is...

We are not here to deliver a one-size-fits-all framework.  Our value is in our ability to start with actionable skills and tactics, creating space to practice those skills, and then using the personal stories of everyone involved in our workshops to focus on results that speak to the needs of each participant.  

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